keage incline

The Keage Incline/ Kyoto

he Keage Incline, located near the Nanzen-ji Temple in Kyoto is a slope with old railroad tracks. It is a famous spot for viewing cherry blossom in spring.


Entoku-in Temple/ Kyoto

Entoku-in, located in Southern Higashiyama of Kyoto, the most popular sightseeing area has delightful collection of art treasures and fine Japanese dry gardens.


Honen-in Temple/ Kyoto

Honen-in temple, located near by the Philosopher’s path provides calm atmosphere with an amazing scenic approach with a moss-covered thatched gate.


Konkai Komyo-ji Temple/ Kyoto

A quiet and tranquil temple, located on Yoshida-yama hill in Northern Higashiyama, you can enjoy viewing nice cherry blossoms and autumn colors without crowds.


Murin-an Villa & Garden/ Kyoto

Murin-an villa and garden, located in the neighborhood of Nanzen-ji and Heian-jingu shrine is a wonderful place to relax or stroll the garden in all seasons.

gion shirakawa

Gion Shirakawa / Kyoto

Gion Shirakawa dori「祇園白川通」 is as well-known as Hanami Koji dori「花見小路通」in Gion district, and beautiful street along the Shirakawa river in Kyoto.


Nanzen-ji-Ginkaku 1-day Autumn trip

A beautiful strolling path in northern Higashiyama between Eikan-do, and Ginkaku-ji, you can enjoy exploring while admiring the beauty of autumn colors.

ipponbashi bridge

Shirakawa Ippon-bashi bridge/ Kyoto

Ippon-bashi or Gyoja-bashi bridge, a 66 cm wide stone bridge with weeping willow trees on the both side of Shirakawa stream is located near Chion-in Temple.