heian jingu setsubun

Heian Jingu Shrine Setsubun Festival

Setsubun festivals is, to drive away those evil spirits and celebrate the new spring season. Priests start a cleansing ritual around 13:00. Priests and Geisha, Maiko throw lucky beans to the visitors. You can catch them if you are lucky. The impressive fire ritual takes place at the end of the festival. Location : Heian…

yasaka setsubun

Yasaka Shrine Setsubun Festival

This Setsubun Festival is on at the one of Kyoto’s most famous shrine, Yasaka-Jinja Shrine. On the first day, Geisha will perform dance and bean-throwing ceremony from 13:00 to 16:00 and on the second day there also will be an additional Lion Dance performances taking place between 11:00 and 16:00. Location : Yasaka Jinja Shrine

tennouji zoo halloween

Tennoji Night ZOO/ Halloween Night

Tennoji Zoo Will be lit up for halloween night Tennoji Zoo opens nighttime during halloween. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the nocturnal behavior of the animals with the halloween theme A variety of events will be held during the period.


Autumn evening illuminations at Jingo-ji Temple

The spectacular autumn colors around the temples in this forested valley north of Kyoto, Takao area. Jingo-ji Temple is the most renowned autumn leaves spot and offers evening illuminations. Access : Take JR Takao Keihoku Line bus from JR Kyoto station to ”Yamashiro Takao” and 20-minute walk from there.

Kobe christmas tree

The world tallest christmas tree in Kobe

The 30-meter high Christmas tree is now placed at the port of Kobe as a symbol of the 150th anniversary of its port opening to trade with foreign nationsThis 24-ton, 150 years old, thujopsis tree,placed at the port’s Meriken Park, which is taller than the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York. During the period,…

kobe luminarie

Kobe Luminarie illumination

More than 3-million people visit to The Kobe Luminarie illumination every year. It has started in 1995 in the wake of the Great Hanshin Earthquake. The vibrant light displays were designed by Japanese and Italian artists and meant as a memorial to the victims and to inspire hope in recovery. Access : A short walk…