gliten free

Wheat allergy/ intolerance and gluten free bread and pasta in Japan

Public awareness that people with celiac disease cannot eat gluten is widespread these days. However, other people are avoiding bread, pasta and other gluten

Enjoy the Pokémon experience/ Pokémon lab in Osaka

People are finding all sorts of different ways to enjoy the Pokémon experience: from playing the video game itself to exercising and exploring parks.


Beat mosquito bites with Muhi!/ Japanese summer

If you can stand the heat, summer is a great time to visit Japan. there are fireworks, festivals. If you can not stand with mosquito bites, beat it with Muhi.

shitennouji tanabata

Tanabata – The Star Festival / Shitennoji Temple, Osaka

Final preparations are underway for this year’s festival which takes place on July 6, 7th and 8th: Shitennouji temple’s workers are building the bamboo tunnel

keihan express

Now it’s even faster to travel from Osaka to Gion, Kyoto/ Keihan Railway

The comfortable Keihan train has started a Saturday and Sunday rakuraku service that runs non-stop between Kyobashi, Osaka and Shichijo in Kyoto in 35 minutes.


Weather forecast/ Tsutenkaku 「通天閣」

通天閣の天気予報。 白が晴れ 赤が曇り………..
Tsutenkaku was built in 1912 as the symbol of Shin-Sekai (which mean “new world”). 600yen admission to the 85m observation platform on the 5th floor