ikutama festival
July 11, 2019 – July 12, 2019 all-day Asia/Tokyo Timezone
Ikukunitama shrine

Visitors can enjoy some performance in the shrine and various food stalls around the shrine. Shishimai, a lion dance and Mikoshi, portable shrine procession start in the  evening.  The festival’s main event is a procession of Makura Daiko drum with worshippers wearing red caps.

Location : Ikutama Shrine

JUL 11

Makura Daiko Musical performance 枕太鼓 10:00~
Lion Dance performance in the shrine’s ground 獅子舞 13:30~
Makura Daiko procession in the shrine’s ground 枕太鼓お練り 19:00~

JUL 12

A group of procession go around the city towards Osaka castle 陸渡御 10:30~
Lion Dance procession in the shrine’s ground 獅子舞お練り 20:00〜
Makura Daiko procession in the shrine’s ground 枕太鼓お練り 20:00~

Access : 5-minute from Tanimachi-9chome station on the subway Tanimachi line or 10-minute walk from Uehonmachi station on the Kintetsu Osaka line

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