We help you to find something very impressive in the Kyoto area without the crowds. Enjoy a quieter Kyoto!

tanukidani fudoin

A quieter Kyoto 6: A Temple filled with Raccoons!/ Tanukidani Fudo-in

Tanukidani Fudo-in is certainly be a temple that kids would enjoy. There are 250 steps to be counted, and tanuki to help you to keep count of the steps!

enkoji gate

A quieter Kyoto 5: North Higashiyama area/ Enko-ji, Shisen-do and Manshu-in

This area is a good place to wander around. Enko-ji. Shisen-do, Manshu-in and the Kitashirakawa area have an appealing, faded, past their prime atmosphere.


Fushimi town/ A quieter Kyoto 4: Sake tasting

Fushimi town is developed as a castle town in the sixteenth century and is now best known for its sake production. It’s a nice place to visit after Fushimi Inari.


A quieter Kyoto 3: Sesshuji/ Funda-in Temple

A quieter Sesshuji is lovely sub-temple of its sprawling neighbour Tufukujiuji temple. Sesshuji has the oldest beautiful dry gardens.

A quieter Kyoto 2: Get up early and go out late!

You can only enjoy wandering around the historic parts of Gion and Higashiyama, if you get up early or go out late. A quieter Kyoto gives you an atmospheric tranquility.


Tofukuji/ A quieter Kyoto 1: Far from the Madding Crowds

Tofukuji covers a wide area and contains two main gardens and the Sanmon Gate is the oldest zen main gate in Japan. The temple is a quieter in September.