The ebisu tower

The Ebisu Tower/ Dotonbori

The Ferris wheel, called the Ebisu Tower, located near the famous Glico Man signboard along the Dotonbori River, is offering a new view of the Dotonbori street and the skyline of Osaka city.

kokoen garden

Koko-en Garden 「好古園」/ Himeji

Koko-en, Japanese traditional garden in the west side of Himeji Castle consists of 9 various gardens of the Edo Period. Visitors can enjoy the seasonal changes.

kobe ropeway

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden is located in the top of Mt. Rokko, 400 meters above from the city. You can enjoy seasonal flowers with the great view of Kobe below.

daibustu-ike pond

Daibutsu-ike Pond 「大仏池」/ Nara

Daibutsu-ike Pond, located at the back of the Todai-ji Temple in Nara. Ginkgo and maple trees around the pond are changing its color in autumn.

biwako valley

Biwako Valley 「琵琶湖バレイ」/ Shiga

Biwako Valley, located at the west shore of Lake Biwa to offer a spectacular view of Lake Biwa, and a wide variety of activities throughout the year.

yoshikien garden

Yoshikien Garden 「吉城園」/ Nara

Yoshikien garden is a pleasant Japanese garden located in Nara. Visitors can see three different variations of beautiful Japanese gardens in one spot.

mizukake fudo

Hozen-ji Temple 「法善寺」/ Osaka

Hozen-ji temple is located in Hozen-ji Yokocho, a stone-paved alley in Namba. Mizukake-fudo, a Moss-covered Buddhist statue is there to pray and sprash water.

ikoma-sanjo amusement park

Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park 「生駒山上遊園地」/ Nara

More than an amusement park, visitors come to Ikoma-sanjo amusement park for seeking some cool breeze and great night views of Osaka and Nara n in hot summer.


Doguya-suji shopping street/ Osaka

Sennichimae Doguya-suji shopping street in the Namba area, this unique shopping street is loaded with all kinds of cooking utensils and kitchen items.

takada senbonzakura

Takada Senbon Sakura 「高田千本桜」/ Nara

A thousand cherry blossom trees bloom along the river in Takada city. A pale pink “sakura” tunnel stretches around 2.5km to Onaka park.