nachi water falls

Nachi water falls/ Japan’s three best water falls「日本三大名滝」

The 133 meter waterfall – Nachi no taki – is the tallest waterfall in Japan.Visitors will be impressed by the natural power and beauty of the falls.


Amanohashidate/ Japan’s three best scenic views 「日本三景」

Amanohashidate, the meaning of which is roughly bridge to heaven, is a 3.6km long, pine tree covered sand bar. Miyajima and Matsushima are also best views.

himeji castle

Himeji Castle/ Japan’s three best castles 「日本三大名城」

Himeji Castle is the most beautiful castle and is one of the few that has escaped the ravages of civil war, earthquakes. Renovation was completed in 2015.


Otaku Paradise/ Nipponbashi Den Den Town

Electronic stores, maid cafés, toy stores, video game stores, hobby shops, music shops, and some duty free shops all can be found in Den Den Town, Osaka.


Mimuroto-ji Temple/ Kyoto,Uji-city

Japan is famous for its spring carpet of cherry blossom and autumnal red leaves. Less well known are the hydrangeas. Mimurotoji is famous for its hydrangeas garden.


Tennouji 7 slopes/ A peaceful & secret path, Osaka

This path in the middle of the city takes you up and down a series of historical slopes and leads you through all kinds of temples and other interesting sites.

fushimi inari

Kyoto 1day Highlight trip/ Fushimi-Inari to Kiyomizu-dera

If you only have 1 day to see around Kyoto, take a highlight trip from Fushimi-Inari to Kiyomizu-dera and stroll along the preserved historic streets to Gion.