snowy lanterns

Mt. Kongo/ Osaka has the mountain and snow!

Mt. Kongo is the tallest mountain in Osaka. During winter Mt. Kongo is covered in snow and beautiful scenery of juhyo (trees glazed with ice) can be seen.

panda kuroshio train

Panda Kuroshio Smile Adventure Train/ Wakayama

The Kuroshio Express train runs as Panda Kuroshio Smile train with special Panda rapping to Wakayama, Shirahama, Nachi-falls that makes your journey memorable.

Aoi festival

Aoi Matsuri Festival/ Kyoto

Aoi Matsuri Festival is the most important annual rituals. The highlight is the parade with 500 people wearing splendid ancient costumes and traditional make-up.

arashiyama sakura

Arashiyama 「嵐山」/ Kyoto

Arashiyama is a very popular tourist site in Kyoto, nature and temples make up beautiful scenery, particularly during the cherry blossom and autumn color seasons.

Yoshinoyama 「吉野山」/ Nara

Yoshino is perhaps Japan’s most famous cherry blossom site. 30,000 wild trees spread over the dips and peaks of Mt. Yoshino in the second to third week of April.

The Path of Philosophy 「哲学の道」/ Kyoto

The Path of Philosophy is a pleasant path through the northern part of Higashiyama district. The path is most popular in early spring for the cherry blossom.

plum blossom

“Ume” Plum blossom Viewing Spots in Kanasai

Viewing the plum blossom is more of an elegant affair. The trees usually begin flowering early from the end of January to mid-March.


Nipponbashi Street Festa/ The biggest cosplay event

Nipponbashi Street Festa is every Otaku’s dream of cosplay and anime, a colourful festival featuring cosplayers, robot performances, live music and much more.

A Snowy Kyoto Experience!

It snows in the city of Kyoto several times each winter, If you’re lucky enough to be in town when It snows for the magical transformation of snowy Kyoto.

keitakuen garden

Keitakuen 「慶沢園」/ A hidden Japanese garden in Osaka

Keitakuen is hidden Japanese garden in Osaka. The landscaping is both calming and majestic at the same time. You can extend your visit to Tennouji Park