We help you to plan your trip in the Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo, Wakayama, Shiga).

Ono-ji Temple 「大野寺」/ Nara

The Ono-ji Temple Cliff-Carved Buddha stands before the water’s edge. The temple is also known for its two 300-year-old weeping cherry trees blooming in spring,

domyoji tenmangu shrine

Domyoji Tenmangu Shrine/ Osaka

Domyoji Tenmangu, located in Fujiidera city of Osaka, a large shinto shrine is well known for worshiping the deity of study. The shrine offers a panoramic scenary of beautiful plum blossoms.


Byodo-in Temple/ Kyoto-Uji

Byodo-in Temple「平等院」, located in Uji city, Kyoto is a good example of Buddhist Pure Land architecture. The Phoenix Hall is featured on the back of 10 yen coin.

tatsuno castle

Tatsuno Castle and Park/ Hyogo-Harima

Tatsuno Castle is located just 15km from Himeji castle in Hyogo. You can walk around the lovely castle town whle enjoying the historic atmosphere and see the view from the remains of the old castle.

sasayama castle

Sasayama Castle Ruins/ Hyogo-Tanba

Sasayama castle, located in Hyogo is rustic and tranquil, but it offers nice views of the surrounding countryside. The castle is a famous spot for cherry blossoms.

umekoji park

Umekoji Park 「梅小路公園」/ Kyoto

Umekoji Park, located in the east side of Kyoto station, is one of the biggest open grassy field in the city, with a huge aquarium and the biggest railway museum.

The ebisu tower

The Ebisu Tower/ Dotonbori

The Ferris wheel, called the Ebisu Tower, located near the famous Glico Man signboard along the Dotonbori River, is offering a new view of the Dotonbori street and the skyline of Osaka city.


Ginkaku-ji Temple「銀閣寺」/ The Silver Pavilion

Ginkaku-ji Temple, the silver Pavilion, located at the end of the path of philosophy in Kyoto’s Higashiyama. The temple is famous for its unique dry sand garden.

snowy lanterns

Mt. Kongo/ Osaka has the mountain and snow!

Mt. Kongo is the tallest mountain in Osaka. During winter Mt. Kongo is covered in snow and beautiful scenery of juhyo (trees glazed with ice) can be seen.

Ramen restaurant with No name in Kyoto

There is no name or no sign, and no telephone number to contact, though this ramen restaurant in Kyoto has been very popular among ramen manias.