keihan express

Now it’s even faster to travel from Osaka to Gion, Kyoto/ Keihan Railway

The comfortable Keihan train has started a Saturday and Sunday rakuraku service that runs non-stop between Kyobashi, Osaka and Shichijo in Kyoto in 35 minutes.

air track

Air track/ 300m running track on the mall

Morinomiya Q’s mall is a “runable” shopping mall with the artificial 300-meter turf track on top the mall, If you want to try something new.

mirror box

Selfie with Abeno Harukas 「あべのハルカス」

If you fancy a coffee after all your Tennouji area sightseeing, how about getting some fresh air at the same time! You can also take a selfie with Harukas.


Weather forecast/ Tsutenkaku 「通天閣」

通天閣の天気予報。 白が晴れ 赤が曇り………..
Tsutenkaku was built in 1912 as the symbol of Shin-Sekai (which mean “new world”). 600yen admission to the 85m observation platform on the 5th floor


Free observatory/ Abeno Harukas 「あべのハルカス」

The spectacular scenery from the 300m but there is a free entry Harukas garden on 16th floor, It’s almost the same height as Tsutenkaku tower.