takada sakura

We help you to plan your trip in the Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo, Wakayama, Shiga).

matabei zakura

Matabei Zakura 「又兵衛桜」/ Nara

Matabei Zakura, beloved, giant weeping cherry tree, 13-meter tall, over 300 years old, named after the famous samurai warrior is located in Nara Prefecture.

kasuga-taisha shrine

Kasuga-Taisha Shrine/ Nara

An atmospheric forest path, lined with hundreds of stone lanterns takes you to Nara’s most famous and impressive Shinto shrine, Kasuga-taisha, located in the east of Nara Park, was established in 768.


Mt. Wakakusayama/ Nara

Mt. Wakakusayama, a grassy mountain is located behind Nara Park between Todai-ji Temple and Kasuga-Taisha Shrine. Visitors are allowed to hike up to the submit to have excellent views of Nara city.

Ono-ji Temple 「大野寺」/ Nara

The Ono-ji Temple Cliff-Carved Buddha stands before the water’s edge. The temple is also known for its two 300-year-old weeping cherry trees blooming in spring,

daibustu-ike pond

Daibutsu-ike Pond 「大仏池」/ Nara

Daibutsu-ike Pond, located at the back of the Todai-ji Temple in Nara. Ginkgo and maple trees around the pond are changing its color in autumn.

yoshikien garden

Yoshikien Garden 「吉城園」/ Nara

Yoshikien garden is a pleasant Japanese garden located in Nara. Visitors can see three different variations of beautiful Japanese gardens in one spot.

saidai-ji temple

Saidai-ji Temple 「西大寺」/ Nara

Saidai-ji Temple, a high status, a large temple complex, is located on the western side of Heijo Palace. The temple is one of the 7 great temples in Nara.

Asuka-dera Temple 「飛鳥寺」/ Nara

Asuka-dera Temple was founded in 596, about 60 years after the introduction of Buddhism to Japan. The Temple has high historic value in the Nara area.

nyoirin-ji temple

Nyoirin-ji Temple 「如意輪寺」/ Nara, Yoshino

Nyoirin-ji Temple, a quiet temple in Mt. Yoshino has the tomb of Godaigo emperor, tells us the fleeing nature of this life.

Omiwa Jinja Shrine 「大神神社」/ Nara

Omiwa shrine in Sakurai city of Nara is the oldest shrine of Japan. It worship Mt. Miwa where the god lives through a extreamly rare triple torii gate.