aizen matsuri

Aizen-Matsuri Festival at Aizen-do Temple

The Aizen Festival prepares for the hot summer ahead with a parade of women wearing cool and attractive yukata.

The Aizen-Matsuri 「愛染祭り」is Osaka’s first summer festival of the year. This festival is believed to have originated when women wearing yukata(summer kimono) from the entertainment quarter visited the temple on a palanquin called kago.

Every year on the first day of the festival, 12 chosen aizen musume girls in yukata are carried through the street on a decorated palanquin called hoekago in a festive atmosphere toward Aizen-do Temple.

Aizen Myouo, the temple’s statue of the Buddhist deity of love will be exhibited to the public during the New Year season and this festival only.

There also will be about 300 food stalls during the festival.

Access : A short walk from Shitennouji-Yuhigaoka station on the subway Tanimachi line. 15-minute walk from JR and the subway Tennouji station

Parade : from near JR Tennoji station to the Temple from 13:00 to 15:00 on June 30th



Jun 30 2020 - Jul 02 2020


09:00 - 22:00





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