Mangetsu-ji Temple/ Shiga

Mangetsu-ji Temple, known as the Ukiumi-do, a floating temple is located in Katata on the southwest of Lake Biwa, to provide you one of the 8 beautiful landscapes of Shiga.

hiyoshi taisha

Hiyoshi-Taisha Shrine/ Shiga

Hiyoshi-Taisha Shrine is located at the foot of Mt. Hieizan in Shiga. The shrine is famous for beautiful autumn colors and monkeys known as divine messengers.

shirahige shrine

Shirahige Shrine/ Shiga

The majestic red torii gate of Shirahige Shrine is floating in Lake Biwa. Shirahige Shrine, located on the western side of Lake Biwa in Shiga blesses visitors with a long life.


Mii-dera Temple 「三井寺」/ Otsu,Shiga

Mii-dera is originally the main inner temple of the Tendai-jimon sect. it became an independent temple on the mount Hiei-zan in 13th century. This temple is also famous for its cherry blossoms (1,500 cherry trees on the grounds)