Shoryaku-ji Temple/ Nara

Shoryaku-ji, an ancient temple, located on the Bodaisen mountain in the southeast of Nara is called as the “Village of Brocade”, to offer an amazing scenery.

tanzan jinja

Tanzan Jinja Shrine/ Nara

Tanzan Jinja, on the hillside, located in the Sakurai mountains in Nara is a shrine well-known for its brilliant autumn colors and bright red buildings.

yoshino jingu
kasuga-taisha shrine

Kasuga-Taisha Shrine/ Nara

An atmospheric forest path, lined with hundreds of stone lanterns takes you to Nara’s most famous and impressive Shinto shrine, Kasuga-taisha, located in the east of Nara Park, was established in 768.

Ono-ji Temple 「大野寺」/ Nara

The Ono-ji Temple Cliff-Carved Buddha stands before the water’s edge. The temple is also known for its two 300-year-old weeping cherry trees blooming in spring,

saidai-ji temple
nyoirin-ji temple
great buddha

Horyu-ji Temple 「法隆寺」/ Nara

Horyu-ji in Nara, the world’s oldest wooden construction, was founded in 607 by Prince Shotoku, who is credited with the early promotion of Buddhism in Japan. 

hasedera pagoda