konpuku-ji temple

Konpuku-ji Temple/ Kyoto

Konpuku-ji, located in northern Higashiyama of Kyoto is a quieter small temple, one of the most important historic site of Haiku, a Japanese style poetry.


Entoku-in Temple/ Kyoto

Entoku-in, located in Southern Higashiyama of Kyoto, the most popular sightseeing area has delightful collection of art treasures and fine Japanese dry gardens.


Shisen-do Temple/ Kyoto

Shisen-do Temple, located in northern Higashiyama of Kyoto, a less-traveled part of the city offers a tranquil experience with its dry landscape garden.


Honen-in Temple/ Kyoto

Honen-in temple, located near by the Philosopher’s path provides calm atmosphere with an amazing scenic approach with a moss-covered thatched gate.


Konkai Komyo-ji Temple/ Kyoto

A quiet and tranquil temple, located on Yoshida-yama hill in Northern Higashiyama, you can enjoy viewing nice cherry blossoms and autumn colors without crowds.


Hosen-in Temple/ Kyoto

Hosen-in Temple, located in Ohara, is known for its blood-stained ceiling and peaceful and welcoming atmosphere with its stanning gardens and autumn colors.


Manshu-in Temple/ Kyoto

A small temple in Higashiyama of Kyoto city, known for its beautiful autumn color, to offer a fine dry garden, brilliant architecture and superb decorations.

shoju-in heart shaped window

Shoju-in Temple/ Kyoto

A small and quiet temple, located outskirt of Kyoto city is probably the most photogenic temple in Kyoto with its heart-shaped window and ceiling paintings.

nonomiya jinja

Nonomiya-jinja Shrine/ Kyoto

A small shrine with a unique black torii-gate has a great reputation for women. It will be an interesting stop along the Arashiyama bamboo grove walking path.

saiho-ji temple

Saiho-ji Temple/ Kyoto

Saiho-ji Temple, commonly known as Koke-dera in the Arashiyama area offers a stunning Japanese garden. It’s hard to believe that moss can be a reason to visit.

zuishin-in temple

Zuishin-in Temple/ Kyoto

Zuishin-in Temple, located in Yamashina, Kyoto is connected to the famous beauty and poet Ono no Komachi. The temple is also famous for its plum garden.

kaju-ji templa

Kaju-ji Temple/ Kyoto

Kaju-ji Temple, located in Yamashina, is famous for its garden, to offer a peaceful getaway for those looking for a quiet retreat and the beauties of nature.

mikane jinja

Mikane Jinja Shrine/ Kyoto

Mikane Jinja Shrine, a deity of gold in Kyoto attracts people wishing for economic fortune, located near Nijo Castle. A shining golden trii gate welcomes you.

okazaki shrine

Okazaki Shrine/ Kyoto

Okazaki Shrine, located on the east of Heian-Jingu, filled with a lot of cute rabbits as its guardian deity, is a place to pray for safe births of children.

yasui konpira gu

Yasui Konpira-gu Shrine/ Kyoto

Yasui Konpira-gu Shrine is located in the Gion geisha district between Kennin-ji Temple and Yasaka Pagoda, to end bad relationships and start good ones.

Koetsu-ji Temple / Kyoto, Kitayama

Koetsu-ji, a Buddhist temple in the north west Kyoto, flourished as a village of artists, and the heart of tea ceremony was named after Honami Koetsu, a master of arts.

gio-ji temple

Gio-ji Temple/ Kyoto

Gio-ji「祇王寺」, a quiet sub-temple of Daikaku-ji Temple is located to the north of Arashiyama, in the Sagano area of Kyoto. The temple is surrounded by trees and moss green gardens, to offer tranquility.


Jonan-gu Shrine / Kyoto

Jonan-gu Shrine, located in the south of Kyoto station, offers the elegant atmosphere of the Heian aristocracy with its expanded beautiful garden.


Byodo-in Temple/ Kyoto-Uji

Byodo-in Temple「平等院」, located in Uji city, Kyoto is a good example of Buddhist Pure Land architecture. The Phoenix Hall is featured on the back of 10 yen coin.

senko-ji temple

Senko-ji 「千光寺」/ Kyoto

Senko-ji, a small zen temple, located on the Arashiyama mountainside that offers a panoramic view of the city of Kyoto, and some peace and quiet.

tenjyuan temple

Tenjuan Garden 「天授庵」/ Kyoto

In the Nanzen-ji Temple’s grounds, a few steps away from the Sanmon-gate is the Tenjuan. In Autumn, the garden is colored with brilliant red autumn leaves.

yuki jinja

Jingo-ji Temple 「神護寺」/ Kyoto

Jingo-ji Temple, located on the hillside of Mt. Takao is one of the best spots for autumn leaves. Visitors can see a great view of the valley of Kiyotaki river.