Momoyama no misasagi/ Kyoto

The Tomb of the Emperor Meiji, located on the hill in the Fushimi area of southeastern Kyoto offer a fantastic view across the Fushimi town.


Haradani-en Garden/ Kyoto

Haradani-en Garden, located on top of a hill above Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto has a lovely hidden garden. It’s truly superb in cherry blossom season to visit.

takedao trail

Mt. Inunaki「犬鳴山」/ Osaka

Mt. Inunaki, located in Izumisano of Osaka is well known for its hidden hot spring resort with mountain scenary and spiritual sanctary, Shipporyu-ji Temple.

minabe plum
metasequoia tree
kyoto botanic garden

The Kyoto Botanical Garden

The oldest botanical garden in Japan, located north of Kyoto city is a good place to enjoy seasonal scenery, especially cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.


Wakanoura Bay/ Wakayama

Wakanoura bay, in Wakayama is a good choice for escaping to a less-known part of the Kansai area with rich scenic beauty, praised in the oldest Japanese poems.


Imai-cho Preservation District/ Nara

A well-preserved historical district, a temple town of Shonen-ji with 500 traditional Edo houses laid out in a 2 km grid, is located in Kashiwara city, Nara.

gion matsuri

Mt. Wakakusayama/ Nara

Mt. Wakakusayama, a grassy mountain is located behind Nara Park between Todai-ji Temple and Kasuga-Taisha Shrine. Visitors are allowed to hike up to the submit to have excellent views of Nara city.

lake biwa

A train trip around Lake Biwa/ Shiga

The Biwako line runs along the east side of Lake Biwa and the Kosei line runs along the west side. you can make a day trip around the lake by using those lines.

snowy lanterns
sagano scenic train

The Sagano Scenic Railway/ Kyoto

The Sagano scenic train runs along the Hozugawa river to offer breathtaking landscapes. Passengers can enjoy the scenic beauty of cherry blossoms, red maple trees.

panda kuroshio train
Aoi festival

Aoi Matsuri Festival/ Kyoto

Aoi Matsuri Festival is the most important annual rituals. The highlight is the parade with 500 people wearing splendid ancient costumes and traditional make-up.

arashiyama sakura

Arashiyama 「嵐山」/ Kyoto

Arashiyama is a very popular tourist site in Kyoto, nature and temples make up beautiful scenery, particularly during the cherry blossom and autumn color seasons.

Yoshinoyama 「吉野山」/ Nara

Yoshino is perhaps Japan’s most famous cherry blossom site. 30,000 wild trees spread over the dips and peaks of Mt. Yoshino in the second to third week of April.


A Snowy Kyoto Experience!

It snows in the city of Kyoto several times each winter, If you’re lucky enough to be in town when It snows for the magical transformation of snowy Kyoto.

keitakuen garden

Go to see Maiko and Geisha in Kyoto!

The Geisha and Maiko are the successors of the beauty of Kyoto. They entertain guests with Japanese traditional performances. You may see them in Gion, Kyoto.

stone lantan
tanukidani fudoin
pokemon go
manga museum
enkoji gate
pokemon go