Ushitakisan Daiitoku-ji Temple/ Osaka

Daiitoku-ji Temple, located in the mountain of Ushitakiyama, Kishiwada City of Osaka is a famous for autumn color, beautiful waterfalls and silky smooth bath.


Mt. Inunaki「犬鳴山」/ Osaka

Mt. Inunaki, located in Izumisano of Osaka is well known for its hidden hot spring resort with mountain scenary and spiritual sanctary, Shipporyu-ji Temple.


Katsuo-ji Temple/ Osaka

A temple, located in the forested region of Minoo city, Osaka, filled with the daruma dolls is one of the best place for autumn color along with Minoo Park.

hoshida enchi park

Hoshida-Enchi Park/ Osaka

A national park with the largest wooden foot bridge in Japan, to look out a panoramic view, is located in the east side of Osaka for a day hike or a picnic.

uchiage-gawa park

Uchiage-gawa Ryokuchi Park/ Osaka

Uchiage-gawa Chisui Ryokuchi Park, a greenery park with a flood control pond is located in Neyagawa city of Osaka, to offer a stunning sight of cherry blossom.


Ishikiri-Tsurugiya Shrine/ Osaka

Ishikiri-Tsurugiya Shrine, well known as Ishikiri-san in Osaka is a very popular shrine since ancient times as the home of a deity who cures tumors and boils.

ikutama shrine

Ikutama Shrine/ Osaka

Ikutama shrine, the oldest shrine in Osaka is located in the heart of the city. The shrine, loved by locals for long time, was an imperial shrine of the first rank.


Aizen-do Shomanin temple/ Osaka

Shoman-in Temple, known as Aizen-do, a temple with the god of good matchmaking is located on the Uemachi plateau in the historic atmosphere of Osaka’s temple district.

domyoji tenmangu shrine

Domyoji Tenmangu Shrine/ Osaka

Domyoji Tenmangu, located in Fujiidera city of Osaka, a large shinto shrine is well known for worshiping the deity of study. The shrine offers a panoramic scenary of beautiful plum blossoms.

The ebisu tower

The Ebisu Tower/ Dotonbori

The Ferris wheel, called the Ebisu Tower, located near the famous Glico Man signboard along the Dotonbori River, is offering a new view of the Dotonbori street and the skyline of Osaka city.

snowy lanterns
mizukake fudo
minoo waterfalls

Minoo Park and the waterfall/ Osaka

Minoo park , a forested valley is the closest dose of nature you can reach from the central Osaka to enjoy seasonal changes and the magnificent Mino Waterfall.

nukata enchi

Doguya-suji shopping street/ Osaka

Sennichimae Doguya-suji shopping street in the Namba area, this unique shopping street is loaded with all kinds of cooking utensils and kitchen items.


Osaka style food/ Konamono

Osaka style food is reasonable, good taste which explains why they are so popular. Takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and kushikatsu are all categorized as “konamono”

sakuranomiya park

Kema Sakuranomiya Park/ Osaka

Kema Sakuranomiya park is one of the most famous sites for cherry blossom viewing spot in Osaka. The park is just a few hundred meters from Osaka castle.

tower of the sun
tennouji park

Satsukiyama Park in Ikeda city/ Osaka

Satsukiyama Park is a great park for families in Osaka. In early April, 35000 cherry blossoms cover a large part of the park. There are also a free petting zoo.

keitakuen garden
stone lantan
pokemon center

Pokémon Center in Kansai

The Pokémon Center Osaka is a special store selling the wide range of original Pokémon Center goods, Pokemon toys, clothing, accessories, statues.

sumiyoshi taisha
imamiya ebisu