ono cherry blossom viewing corridor
takedao trail

Kogen-ji Temple/ Hyogo

Kogen-ji, located in Tanba-city, Hyogo is known as the historical zen temple and “Tenmoku maple”. It’s one of the best spots of red maple leaves in the area.

ankoku-ji temple

Ankoku-ji Temple/ Hyogo

A hidden temple, located in the north part of Hyogo, near by Kinosaki-Onsen offers a breathtaking scenery with bright red Dodan-Tsutsuji Azalea in autumn.  

Takeda castle

Takeda Castle Ruins/ Hyogo

Takeda Castle, a stunning set of castle ruins located in the mountains of Hyogo is often called as the Castle floating in the sky or the Machu Picchu of Japan”.

tatsuno castle

Tatsuno Castle and Park/ Hyogo-Harima

Tatsuno Castle is located just 15km from Himeji castle in Hyogo. You can walk around the lovely castle town whle enjoying the historic atmosphere and see the view from the remains of the old castle.

sasayama castle

Sasayama Castle Ruins/ Hyogo-Tanba

Sasayama castle, located in Hyogo is rustic and tranquil, but it offers nice views of the surrounding countryside. The castle is a famous spot for cherry blossoms.

kokoen garden

Koko-en Garden 「好古園」/ Himeji

Koko-en, Japanese traditional garden in the west side of Himeji Castle consists of 9 various gardens of the Edo Period. Visitors can enjoy the seasonal changes.

kobe ropeway

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden is located in the top of Mt. Rokko, 400 meters above from the city. You can enjoy seasonal flowers with the great view of Kobe below.

himeji-castle sakura
nishinomiya shrine

Nishinomiya-jinja Shrine/ Hyogo

Nishinomiya shrine is the home of the god of commerce. The Toka Ebisu Festival is always a lively event with many visitors wishing for prosperous business.

arima onsen
himeji castle